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    Select a book below to read, and don't forget to check that book off of your passport as you complete them.

Points and Prizes

  • Each completed book is worth 1 Point.  If students attend the special events at Barbara Bush Library listed on the digital passport, each event is worth 5 Points. The passport will need to be stamped by the public library personnel to be validated. The student with the most points in PK-2, 3-5, and 6-8 grade span will be recognized at the board meeting, and win a tablet and other prizes! 

K-2nd Grade

  •  Red Foxes: Nocturnal Predators

    Red Foxes: Nocturnal Predators

    This book takes readers on a journey through the night to discover the world of nocturnal animals living in their own backyards.

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  •  Squirrel


    Squirrels are speedy scampers who survive in our own backyards. Read about how they live, what they eat, and threats to a squirrel.

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  •  Reindeer


    Reindeer travel distances that are greater than those traveled by any other terrestrial mammal. Follow a reindeer through its day as it eats, sleeps, and cares for its young.

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  •  A Butterfly’s Life Cycle

    A Butterfly’s Life Cycle

    The process of a new life starting is fascinating! Watch a butterfly grow from an egg to an insect.

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3rd-5th Grade

  •  Could a Walrus Play the Saxophone

    Could a Walrus Play the Saxophone

    Could a walrus play the saxophone? Could an earwig crawl into your ear? Can cows forecast the weather? This book takes a fun look at animals by asking and answering a series of quirky yet thought-provoking questions.

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  •  Newfoundlands


    Introduces the history, development, uses, and care of the Newfoundland, the dog breed known for lifesaving and search and rescue work. Includes photo diagram and general facts about dogs.

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  •  Wolf vs Golden Eagle

    Wolf vs Golden Eagle

    The mountain habitat can provide shelter and water for cunning predators, and the wolf and the golden eagle thrive there. The wolf can travel 50 miles a day to find prey. Compare and contrast each animal’s features and skills before you declare the winning predator.

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  •  Hedgehogs


    Your pet hedgehog just made a spitball. Is that normal? Readers will get information to help them decide if a hedgehog is the right pet for them as well as the howto's of caring for hedgehogs.

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6th-8th Grade

  •  Infestation!


    Be careful! Some insects are in the market for a new home - yours! From nearly invisible bedbugs to big, gross stinkbugs, this book will give you all the nitty gritty details on insect invaders.

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  •  Bloodsuckers


    Blood sucking bed bugs, bats, and birds. Readers will learn about creatures all over the world that love to binge on blood. These disgusting diets and other interesting facts will make readers say, eww, gross!

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  •  The Life Cycle of Amphibians

    The Life Cycle of Amphibians

    How are amphibians born? What are the different types of amphibians? How many species of amphibians are there? Expand your knowledge of these fascinating vertebrates in this amazing book!

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  •  Wolves on the Hunt

    Wolves on the Hunt

    Speed, sharp teeth, and super senses combine to make wolves fierce predators. Discover more about this wild predator and its role in the ecosystem.

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