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Points and Prizes

  • Each completed book is worth 1 Point.  If students attend the special events at Barbara Bush Library listed on the digital passport, each event is worth 5 Points. The passport will need to be stamped by the public library personnel to be validated. The student with the most points in PK-2, 3-5, and 6-8 grade span will be recognized at the board meeting, and win a tablet and other prizes! 

K-2nd Grade

  •  All About Baby Orangutans

    All About Baby Orangutans

    There’s a new baby joining the family. It’s a baby orangutan! Learn about what these adorable babies eat, how much they weigh, how they’re raised, and how big they grow.

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  •  Bengal Tigers

    Bengal Tigers

    Bengal tigers silently stalk their prey. Learn all about these sneaky night hunters and their habitats.

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  • Tigers

    Did you know tigers are the biggest members of the cat family? Read to learn more about their size and this incredible mammal.

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  •  Giant Pandas Are Awesome!

    Giant Pandas Are Awesome!

    Weighing more than 300 pounds, this is one huge bear! Listeners are introduced to physical features, behavior, habitat, and life cycle to find out why giant pandas are awesome!

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3rd-5th Grade

  •  Snow Leopards

    Snow Leopards

    Snow leopards blend into their surroundings, making it nearly impossible for their prey or people to see them. Learn more about these nearly invisible cats, including where they live, what they eat, and how scientists are working to ensure their survival.

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  •  Tigers


    Tigers are the only big cats with stripes. But no two tigers have the same pattern of stripes. Learn more about these beautiful cats, including where they live, how they hunt, and why they can be difficult to raise in captivity.

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  •  Cuddly But Deadly Animals

    Cuddly But Deadly Animals

    The world is full of furry, cuddly-looking animals. They often seem harmless at first glance. But don’t try to snuggle with these fuzzy creatures. Many of them can be very dangerous.

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  •  Giant Pandas

    Giant Pandas

    Round and roly-poly, pandas are recognizable to people everywhere. Their populations are shrinking, and they are running out of places to live. Learn more about these amazing animals, and what you can do to make a difference in their future.

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6th-8th Grade

  •  Giant Pandas in a Shrinking Forest: A cause and Effect Investigation

    Giant Pandas in a Shrinking Forest

    Forced into smaller and smaller areas, the giant panda is losing its habitat. Discover how scientists are trying to answer the questions behind giant pandas in a shrinking forest.

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  •  Saving  Endangered Animals

    Saving Endangered Animals

    Explore beyond the headlines on the topic of protecting endangered animals, learning how this issue is treated int eh news and how to separate the spin.

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  •  The World’s Weirdest Animals

    The World’s Weirdest Animals

    Readers won’t believe their eyes when they discover weird creatures such as the aye-aye, barreleye fish and naked neck chicken. The World’s Weirdest Animals introduces young readers to some of the freakiest and most bizarre animals that live in our world.

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  •  Snow Leopards

    Snow Leopards

    Snow leopards blend into their surroundings, making it nearly impossible for their prey or people to see them. Often the only proof they live in an area is what these big cats leave behind. Learn more about these nearly invisible cats.

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