Performance Management

  • In Spring ISD, performance management is defined as "an ongoing, systemic approach to improving results through evidence-based decision-making, continuous organizational learning, and a focus on accountability for performance.”

    The Spring ISD Human Resources team is a trusted strategic business partner committed to providing viable educational solutions that support our culture and student achievement.  We continuously strive to be a premier school district dedicated to driving an engaged and committed workforce, who hires the best, builds the best and cultivates the best work environment for our employees and our students.

    Part of cultivating the best environment is our passion to see every student and all employees succeed therefore we expect excellence in every school and high performance from every employee in the district. We expect a culture of excellence as a result of continuous and targeted feedback, coaching and support, access to resources and by offering a wide variety of training and professional development. 

High Performance Work System

  • Our desire is to strive for excellence by establishing a high performance work system. A high-performance work system is the right combination of people, technology and organizational structure that makes full use of the organization’s resources and opportunities in achieving its goals. To function as a high-performance work system, each element (division/department) must fit well with the others in a smoothly functioning whole.

    What does that mean?

    Employee involvement and accountability is expected and reflect a commitment to creating a student centered culture. We emphasize the pursuit of excellence coupled with passion and expect all employees to be well-qualified, highly competent, and constantly engaged in district improvements and student achievement.

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