• Car Rider Procedures



    Students Awaiting Entry

    -While entering/awaiting entry into the building, students will be temperature screened to ensure that students do not arrive and enter the building with an elevated temperature. Car Riders will have their temperatures checked in their vehicle. Students may not be dropped off until 9:00 a.m. 


    Student Dismissal

    Car Rider Dismissal Plan:

     4:35 Release 2-3 teachers at a time per grade level to come to the gym.  Students will sit on dots to ensure social distancing.  Students will be called via microphone when their car arrives. Parents will place student names in the window, and we will use text messaging to relay names inside. Email will be sent to parents with the template for the name tag.  Paper copies will be available the first day of school for those that cannot print.  


    Bus Rider Dismissal Plan:

    Bus Riders will remain in their classroom until their bus number is called using Google Sheet projected. Buses will be released slowly to allow social distancing. Students still on campus awaiting the bus will be placed in the cafe at 4:55.  Students will sit with spacing to ensure social distancing.  


    Walker Dismissal Plan:

    Walkers will be released first @ 4:40 and exit the nearest door.  Expectation is that they leave campus immediately and with social distancing.  


    Students With After School Activities:

    Students attending after school activities will report directly to the Teacher/Facilitator at the time of dismissal. 


    Dismissal Map for Parent