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    Spring ISD Languages Other Than English Vision:

    Helping our world become bilingual;

    one student at a time.


    Spring ISD Languages Other Than English Mission:

    Spring ISD Languages Other Than English Program is committed to the belief that learning languages is a fundamental component of education that prepares students to take their place as global citizens in the 21st Century.



    Every Child 2020 commitment 1, strategy 1 under "Opportunities and Choice", World Languages will support this vision by offering opportunities for students of LOTE to graduate with a Language Endorsement which supports the graduation requirements for the state of Texas. To be multilingual or even a polyglot places students at advantages to their monolingual counterparts in today's workforce. Our global market requires the competitive edge of bilingualism. Based on our World Language (LOTE) standards known as our TEKS or Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, are written with a cultural component as the undercurrent of everything done in World Languages. Developing cultural sensitivity and awareness in our students prepares them for the workforce by acquiring the sought-out quality of global empathy.

     According to  ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages), most bilingual individuals tend to earn 10% or more than their monolingual counterparts.




    Spring ISD offers the following opportunities for SISD students:

    (Levels I-IV are offered in Spanish and French, as well as, Spanish and French IV AP Language, and Spanish V AP Literature)


    Spanish for Spanish Speakers