Elementary Curriculum
  • As a new Curriculum and Instruction team, we are focused on increasing student leadership, engagement and achievement through a rigorous academic program facilitated by educators who have deep content knowledge and a heart for their students/community. As partners with principals, we create resources for leaders to calibrate curriculum, implement innovative academic programs and design student centered learning environments. 

Elementary School Curriculum

  • Director of Elementary Curriculum
    Kelli Anderson

    English Language Arts Specialist
    Grades Kindergarten - 5

    Khristian Jones

    Mathematics Specialist
    Kindergarten - Grade 5

    Stephanie Vann

    Science Specialist
    Kindergarten - Grade 5

    Angela Gentry

    Social Studies Specialist
    Kindergarten - Grade 5
    Samba Goddard

    Spanish Language Arts Specialist
    Kindergarten - Grade 4

    Aracely Garza

    Eric Betancourt