• Service Excellence

    "We inspire dreams by creating a safe and caring environment through exceptional service."

    Service Excellence was introduced to the Spring ISD Operations division in the fall of 2017. This comprehensive quality management plan was endorsed and further developed by the department directors within the Operations division. Our division is the support system to the district and out plan under this initiative is defined by the combination of seven committees. These committees are focused on a particular component that will help the division improve customer service and include:

    • Communications
    • Training and Education
    • Interviewing and Selection
    • Measurement
    • Recognition
    • Service Obstacle System
    • Accountability

    Our customers here at Spring Independent School District include the students, board members, taxpayers (community members), chiefs and fellow coworkers. The idea is to create a sense of pride and ownership for every employee to be involved and do their part by contributing input for improved customers service within the District.

  • BRAVO Cards

    Individual awards are recognized by BRAVO cards, which can be ordered by your supervisor or director from the Spring ISD Print Shop. The Recognition Committee collects copies of the cards via email each month to put in a monthly drawing for a gift. Order your own BRAVO cards here.

    BRAVO instructions: To complete a BRAVO card, fill in and send interoffice to your supervisor or employee being awarded. If you would like the recipient to be put in a drawing for an award, email a scanned or picture of the card to serviceexcellence@springisd.org.

    Service Hero Award

    Our team award, Service Hero Award, is decided by the directors of the seven departments under Operations. It is given out monthly if a good recipient is noted. These awards can be provided to any department, division, or group within the district. The idea is to highlight the unsung teamwork that is done on a daily basis to help out Spring ISD as a whole. This does not have to be a team within the Operations division.

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