Language Programs

  • Bilingual Education (One-Way and Two-Way) (PK-5)

    These programs are offered in PK-5. In Spring ISD we implement two Elementary Bilingual programs,  the  50/50 One-Way Dual Language (OWDL) and the 80/20 Two- Way Dual Language (TWDL) programs. The goal for both programs is for learners to become Bilingual, Biliterate and Bicultural by attaining full proficiency in both English and Spanish. In addition, it emphasizes equality of educational opportunity for both English and non-English speaking children. Dual language education utilizes educational processes that validate and fully develop both languages and instills a mutual respect for diverse cultures. (Texas Education Agency Ch.89)


    • Bilingualism:  The ability to speak in two languages at an ACADEMIC Level
    • Biliteracy:  ability to read and write in two languages at an academic level
    • Cross-Cultural Awareness:  awareness of diverse backgrounds
    • Academic Achievement: successful academic performance that prepares both native English speakers and native Spanish speakers for the future

    English as a Second Language (ESL) (PK-12 Levels)   (Parent Resources) 

    This program is offered on PK-12. Our Elementary ESL Program is an ESL Content-Based program. While the Secondary ESL Program is a Pull-Out program, in Spring ISD, the goal of ESL programs is for each Emergent Bilingual (EB) learner to become proficient in the English language by providing listening, speaking, reading and writing activities via the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS). Integration of second language methods which emphasize the mastery of English language skills, as well as mathematics, science, and social studies, as integral parts of the academic goals for all students to enable EB learners to participate equitably in school. (Texas Education Agency Ch 74.4)