• Professional Development Opportunities 2018-2019

Quote: When teachers stop learning, so do students.
  • August 2018

    8/08/19 LOTE Teacher Training

    September 2018

    9/06/19 World Languages (LOTE) PLC #1: Come one! Come all! To our very first LOTE PLC of the year!

    October 2018

    10/30/19 World Languages (LOTE) Leadership PLC #1

    November 2018

    11/01/19 World Languages (LOTE) PLC #2: Come have fun with activities to improve langauge comprehension!

    11/09/19 World Languages (LOTE): Laura Terrill and the WL Design Team

    11/10/18 World Languages (LOTE): Using Authentic Resources for Language Acquisition: Laura Terrill

    January 2019

    1/07/19 World Languages (LOTE): I Can! You Can! Standard in the World Language Classroom

    1/15/19  World Languages (LOTE) PLC #3

    1/30/19  World Languages (LOTE): Google for Language Acquisition!

    February 2019

    2/15/19 World Languages (LOTE):Communicative-based Classrooms: Yes We Can!

    2/19/2019 World Languages (LOTE): Eduphoria for Language Teachers

    March 2019

    3/07/19 World Languages (LOTE): PLC #4

    April 2019

    4/05/19 World Languages (LOTE): Communicative-Based Classrooms to Promote Target Language Proficiency

    May 2019

    5/09/19 World Languages (LOTE): End of Year- PLC #5

    June 2019


    July 2019




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