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    The Spring ISD Board of Trustees is actively monitoring the 86th Texas Legislature. The priorities listed below are those they are encouraging lawmakers to pursue during the 2019 session. Click here to download a printer friendly version.


    School Finance

    We ask that the State’s school finance system be modernized, simplified and rebalanced so that the State shares more equitably in the cost of educating Texas students.


    • Reduce current school finance system’s over reliance on local property taxes.
    • Provide adequate funding for all required mandates.
    • Fund universal full-day pre-kindergarten.
    • Monitor and respond to changes in economic conditions, demographics and technology that impact school funding needs.
    • Manage and distribute the Permanent School Fund ethically and efficiently to meet the needs of Texas students.

    Assessment and Accountability

    We ask that the State’s assessment and accountability system be re-evaluated so that it fairly measures student learning and better reflects the diversity of Texas school districts.


    • Utilize multiple measures and do not overly rely on standardized tests.
    • Measure student reading levels accurately and fairly.
    • Do not penalize districts and schools for factors beyond their control such as demographics, mobility, and socioeconomic status.

    Student Safety

    We ask the State to provide school districts with adequate funding to create and maintain safe learning environments.


    • Fund the safety, behavioral and mental health resources needed in today’s environment.
    • Allow school district flexibility to select safety, behavioral and mental health resources that best meet the needs of students, facilities and communities.

    School Choice

    We ask the State to oppose any transfer of taxpayer funds to private and charter schools that do not follow the same transparency and accountability requirements as public schools.


    • Hold all schools that receive tax dollars to the same academic, financial and legislative standards.
    • Prohibit any form of taxpayer subsidy to private schools and vendors, such as: Tax Credit Scholarships, Education Savings Accounts, and vouchers for students in special education.

    Teacher Benefits

    We ask the State to increase funding of the Teacher Retirement System’s pension program and health care plans so they are equitable with other state employees and competitive to other sectors.


    • Fund the TRS Pension Program so that it can continue to withstand market challenges, provide a defined benefit for TRS members, and allow cost-of-living increases.
    • Allow other health insurance options for districts that choose to no longer use TRS-Active Care and TRS-Care.
    • Increase funding for TRS health care plans to offset rising health care and premium costs.