Middle School
  • Middle school students have a unique set of wants and needs that separate them from the childhood years of elementary school but do not find them ready for the late adolescence of high school.  Peer pressure can be an issue for middle-school age-students, especially those who struggle with social skills.  At this age, it’s not unusual for kids to begin to question everything, including their parents’ authority.  Spring ISD middle school counselors have the training to address the accelerated growth, fluctuations in metabolism and emotional development of middle school students.  The middle school counseling program provides education, prevention and intervention activities, which can be integrated into all aspects of students’ lives and also takes into account the school’s academic, attendance and behavioral data.  Identifying student needs and consulting with administrators, teachers, and parents assist with guiding program development and makes for a successful learning environment.  Spring ISD middle school counselors recognize that the middle school transition not only affects the student, but can also affect the family as a whole; therefore, active parent participation is encouraged and welcome.