• About Major Elementary


    Major Elementary is a Pre-K through Fifth grade elementary school campus. We opened in 2009 under Principal J. Harville. 

    Mission Statement:

    Our mission is to develop every scholar into a global, innovative, critical thinker.


    Our vision is to produce a safe community of equity, leadership and academic excellence. 


    "Where Excellence is Expected Everyday."

    Core Beliefs:

    Major's faculty and staff honor the following core beliefs: Maintain a growth mindset; align instruction to data and what  is best for scholars, joy in teaching students using culturally-responsive practices and learning effective instructional techniques, open communication and collaboration, respectful and reflective culture. 

    Major added two new core beliefs for the 2017-2018 school year: excuses free and sense of urgency. Major's students honor five core beliefs of excellence in ascending order: Positive, Polite, Productive, Persistence, and most of all Powerful.

    Core Values:

    At Major, our core values are Positive, Polite, Productive, Positive, and Powerful.

    School Mascot:


    School Colors:

    Blue and White


    Major Elementary has earned many awards since opening. Most recently, we earned several distinctions from the State of Texas for our growth on the STAAR Test. 


    Helen Ann Bell Major knew at a very early age that she wanted to be an educator. She practiced with her dolls and stuffed animals in her home in Alexandria, Louisiana, trying to make sure that they mastered their standards to ensure they would be promoted to the next grade level. Her third grade teacher was a great inspiration to her and gave her all the encouragement she needed to one day be a teacher for real students.

    Helen began her journey to become a teacher by attending Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she received a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education with a Minor in English Education. It was there she met a handsome and funny young fellow named Tipp Major. They were married in 1973. They later moved to Buffalo, New York, where Helen received a Master's Degree in Reading Education from the University of Buffalo- NY. Helent taught 3rd and 4th grade in Louisiana and in New York from 1971 to 1979.

    Helen and Tipp Major Moved to Houston, Texas and became employed by Spring ISD in 1979. She taught 4th and 5th grade at Anderson Elementary, and later 5th grade at Link Elementary. During this time, she received her second Master's Degree from Sam Houston State University in Mid-Management. She received her first Education Administration position at Clark Elementary School as an Assistant Principal. She became Principal at Clark Elementary in 2000. Helen went on to open Clark Intermediate school in 2003, where she remained principal until she retired in 2008.

    Helen Major was a member of the Spring ISD Family for almost 30 years. Her beloved children Tipp and Tiffany Major are products of Spring ISD schools and she continued to reside in Spring ISD for the remainder of her life. Her dedication and love for this district was strong and unwavering.

    One of Helen Major's proudest and significant moments was having Helen Major Elementary School named in her honor.

    - By Tiffany Marie Major (a former Spring ISD student and teacher)

    Helen made a huge impact on so many people during her years at Spring ISD from students to parents, Staff and other principals, we make sure to have her legacy of excellence and love in learning lives on at our school today. 


Opening Day at Major Elementary...2009

Opening Day at Major Elementary...2009

Helen Major smiles during the opening ceremony at Major Elementary with the school's first principal J. Harville.