Practicum Health Science II

  • The Practicum in Health Science II students of Westfield High School coordinated and hosted the “Shattered Dreams” program with Harris Health System.   “Shattered Dreams” is a two-day program for the junior and senior classes that will begin with the dramatization of an alcohol/distracted related crash on Westfield High School campus. The timeline for planning and coordination of this program was very lengthy.  Shattered Dreams afforded the students the opportunity to establish partnership with the District Attorney’s Office and Judge, Fire Department, Police Department, ISD, Harris Health EMS, Cypress Creek EMS (CCEMS), PHI, Video, Funeral Home and Wreck Service.

    The scene unfolds with a complement of wrecked cars, “critically injured” students, police, firefighters, emergency medical personnel, funeral hearses, and the arrest and booking of a drunk driver. Throughout the rema.nding of the school day, student representatives of the various student organizations that were pre-selected will become the “living dead” to represent the statistics of alcohol/distracted driving fatalities.

    After the dramatization, the pre-selected students was transported to Ben Taub Hospital for the overnight portion of the program that involved presentations of life experiences about the danger of drinking and driving where the students interacted with the speakers, activities, and tours.  The next morning, the students returned to Westfield High School for the closing assembly with the junior and senior classes.

    Below is the feedback received from Kati Bare, MSN, RN, CPEN, Harris Health System Trauma Services, and Injury Prevention & Outreach Coordinator:

    “I wanted to give you all some feedback about your student participants. They were truly phenomenal. Even though spending the entire night at Ben Taub is exhausting, your students had an excellent attitude throughout the entire experience. I had multiple Ben Taub volunteers say, “This is the best group of students I have ever worked with.” And I can assure you that comment is not empty. Your students were respectful to staff and presenters, asked thoughtful questions, and enthusiastically participated in every aspect of the Shattered dreams Program. You should be proud.

    This was my first Shattered Dreams program, and Dr. Bryant was gracious and patient when working with me through the logistical details of this intensive program. Over the course of several months of planning, Dr. Bryant’s desire to teach the students of Westfield HS responsibility (in every area of life) was profoundly observed. Thank you for your commitment to these students”.

    Below are a comments from some of the students that participated in the Shattered Dreams program:

    My experience today was very tiring but worth it. I saw the reaction some of the students had and it made me proud to see all the hard work my teammates put into making Shattered Dreams possible.”

    The part of this program that the biggest effect on me was the car rash. During the crash I could hear my mom crying and even though I had to stay in character I still had tears falling from eyes because I would never want that experience to become reality. I also appreciated the speakers coming out to raise awareness to us. It shows us that these things are real and should be played with. These tragedies are very preventable. I’m thankful for this experience and everything that today has taught me”

    Shattered dreams is the best experience I have had in 4 years of high school


    This was our second time hosting Shattered Dreams with our stakeholder, Ben Taub Hospital of Harris Health Systems which has hosted this program for 10 consecutive years.