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    Wells Middle School

    Wells Middle School opened in 1977 and is located on the western edge of Spring Independent School District. The school is composed of about 1400 students who represent many different cultures. The school has been recognized for academic and extracurricular achievements for many years. Recently, the Art, Choir, and Band departments have earned top honors in regional contests and festivals. In addition to school-wide honors, students have achieved numerous individual honors, including writing contests, Math Counts and memberships in the Duke University Talent Search. The staff of Wells Middle School works hard to help all students and is focused on helping students succeed.

Improvement Plan

  • At Wells Middle School we are working hard to improve scholars’ academic achievement through maximized learning time, data-driven instruction, high-dosage tutoring, and parent outreach.  We are ensuring that quality instruction is occuring in the classroom utilizing Professional Learning Communities planning time, our new Spring ISD curriculum and AVID strategies to support the curriculum. 

    The culture of high expectations for both our students and staff includes building positive relationships and implementing the Spring Way Systems consistently and with fidelity. Teachers in all content areas will incorporate social-emotional learning lessons to ensure we are teaching the whole child and meeting all student needs.  Our scholars will have multiple opportunities in each class to practice writing and engage in on-level reading to develop skills due to our belief that literacy is the foundation for learning.  

    Homework at Wells will consist of scholars practicing reading and writing skills, math problems to solve, science terminology to learn and social studies content to review.

    Our goal at Wells Middle School is for all scholars to achieve academic success at or above grade level.  This goal will drive every decision we make and we will ensure all we do is in the best interest of our students.

    Key Improvement Strategies

    • Data-driven instruction
    • High-dosage tutoring
    • AVID Program  
    • Student data conference every six weeks
    • Open communication with parents and students about academic progress every three weeks. 
    • Enrichment opportunities for students outside classroom
    • 21st Century Program
    • Building a positive student culture
    • Increasing student attendance
    • Improving parents’ perceptions of our campus
    • Improving student performance on MAP and STAAR assessments
    • Increasing parental engagement opportunities


By June 2020, student achievement in Reading for Grades 6-8 will increase from 29% to 39%.


By June 2020, student achievement in Math Grades 6-8 will increase from 28% to 38%.


By June 2020, student achievement in Social Studies Grade 8 will increase from 6% to 16%.


By June 2020, student achievement in science for Grade 8 will increase from 20 % to 30%.


By June 2020, overall student attendance will increase from 93.5% to 95%.


By June 2020, Parent engagement results will score 80% or higher in each area of school quality survey.
For more information on our school’s transformation plan, please take a look at our full Campus Improvement Plan.
Parent Empowerment Week is scheduled for March 2-6. Parents are invited for a conference with their child and teacher.

Scope and Sequence

  • As part of our commitment to your student’s success, we want you to understand the scope and sequence of what they are learning in their core subjects of Math, Science, English Language Arts and Social Studies. Click on each grade level to see the big ideas and important concepts your student will be learning this year.

  • Crest


  • LaQuisha N. KnowlesLaQuisha N. Knowles, who previously served as a Principal Resident at both Roberson and Twin Creeks Middle schools, is the new principal at Wells Middle School. Ms. Knowles brings seven years of administrative experience to the role of principal at Wells Middle School, having previously served as an assistant principal at the middle school level in both Galveston and Houston ISDs. Her classroom experience includes five years as a middle school English Language Arts and Reading Teacher, as well as three years as an instructional specialist. She earned her master’s degree in educational leadership and policy from University of Texas at Arlington and her bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies from the University of Houston.