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    Twin Creeks Middle School

    Twin Creeks is named for the creeks between which it is located, Spring Creek on the North and Cypress Creek on the South. The faculty and student body brought a history of success and achievement with them from their former Wunsche Middle School when the school opened in 1984.

Improvement Plan

  • At Twin Creeks Middle School we’re working hard to improve scholars’ academic achievement through maximized learning time, data-driven instruction, high-dosage tutoring for scholars who need it, a culture of high expectations, safe and secure learning environments, and parent outreach. We want to ensure that all parents/guardians are informed of their scholar’s progress throughout  the year.

    We call this having a culture of high expectations and it applies to all of our staff and students.  Also, because we understand that literacy is the foundation for all learning, our teachers will incorporate literacy lessons in math, science and social studies classes. 

    Homework here at Twin Creeks Middle School will consist of all scholars keeping a reading log to complete every night,  math problems to solve, and social studies content to review. 

    All of these things, plus customer service and increasing our parents perceptions, will drive the way we do things here at Twin Creeks Middle School this school year.

    Key Improvement Strategies

    • Data-driven instruction
    • High-dosage tutoring
    • AVID Program  
    • Student data conference every six weeks
    • Open communication with parents and students about academic progress every three weeks. 
    • Enrichment opportunities for students outside classroom
    • Creating a culture of Reading
    • Improving our Reading/MAP, Math/MAP, Science, and SS STAAR scores
    • Increasing student attendance 
    • Increasing parents'/guardians perceptions of the campus


By June 2020, student achievement in Reading for Grades 6 through 8 will increase from 35% to 45%.


By June 2020, student achievement in Math for Grades 6 through 8 will increase from 37% to 47 %.


By June 2020, student achievement in Social Studies for Grade 8 will increase from 20% to 30%.


By June 2020, student achievement in Science for Grade 8 will increase from 39% to 49%.


By June 2020, overall student attendance for middle school will increase from 95% to 96.5%.


By June 2020, parent perception of the campus as excellent or good will improve from 78% to 83%.
For more information on our school’s transformation plan, please take a look at our full Campus Improvement Plan.
Parent Empowerment Week is scheduled for March 2-6. Parents are invited for a conference with their child and teacher.

Scope and Sequence

  • As part of our commitment to your student’s success, we want you to understand the scope and sequence of what they are learning in their core subjects of Math, Science, English Language Arts and Social Studies. Click on each grade level to see the big ideas and important concepts your student will be learning this year.

  • Crest


  • Kenisha Williams

    Kenisha Williams has served in Spring ISD for twelve years and currently serves as the principal of Twin Creeks Middle School. An experienced educator with 17 years in education. Williams began her teaching career in Houston Independent School District and later served scholars at a public charter school. During her time in Houston ISD she was recognized as Teacher of the Year twice. While serving in public education she received recognition from Congressman Al Green for her service. Read More

    Ms. Williams has developed instructional and leadership skills as a result of holding multiple positions in Spring ISD, including teacher, instructional specialist and District Gifted and Talented Coordinator, Assistant Principal and Associate Principal. During her leadership she helped transition the GT program, led numerous initiatives at the school and developed key partnerships with businesses and organizations. Williams was recognized as Teacher of the Year in Spring ISD and received SISD’s first Staff Excellence Award. Williams has currently been selected to represent Spring ISD at the Harvard Leadership Institute with Raise Your Hand Texas.

    She has boldly embraced the development of Every Child 2020 which has kept the district laser- focused on making learning meaning and relevant to help move Spring ISD forward. Passionate about education, Williams’s role as a servant leader is to not simply communicate putting students first, but doing whatever is necessary to ensure that all students in the school are successful and staff are supported.

    Williams holds a Bachelor’s in Education in early childhood education, a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction: Reading, and is currently pursuing her doctoral degree.Read Less