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    Claughton Middle School

    The District’s fifth middle school was named for Stelle Claughton Lacefield, a longtime educator and administrator with a career spanning 42 years. Her service to Spring schools includes teacher, counselor, principal of Bammel Middle School and Spring High South, assistant superintendent of personnel services, support services and community relations. Claughton opened in 2003 and currently enrolls nearly 1,200 students.

Improvement Plan

  • Here at Claughton Middle School we’re working hard to improve scholars’ academic achievement through maximized learning time, data-driven instruction, high-dosage tutoring for scholars who need it, and parent outreach — ensuring  all parents are informed of their scholar’s progress throughout the year.

    We call this having a culture of high expectations and it applies to all of our staff and students.  Also, because we understand that literacy is the foundation for all learning, our teachers will incorporate literacy lessons in math, science and social studies classes. 

    Homework here at Claughton Middle School will consist of all scholars keeping a reading log to complete every night,  math problems to solve using our problem-solving strategy, and science and social studies content to review. In addition, students will have access to online reading and math homework.

    It is our mission to help every child feel welcomed, connected, and a part of our Claughton family.  Additionally, we strive to challenge each student to grow in his or her academic abilities and to be prepared for High School.  At Claughton, we have great teachers who spend hours planning and creating classroom activities to engage our students in learning.  At Claughton Middle School, we do what is best for kids.

    Claughton Scholars Succeed, Obtain, Achieve, and Rock Above the Rest. SOAR!

    Key Improvement Strategies

    • Data-driven instruction
    • High-dosage tutoring
    • AVID Program  
    • Student data conference every six weeks
    • Open communication with parents and students about academic progress every three weeks. 
    • Enrichment opportunities for students outside classroom
    • Creating a culture of Reading
    • Improving our Reading/MAP, Math/MAP, Science, and SS STAAR scores
    • Increasing student attendance 
    • Increasing parents'/guardians perceptions of the campus (Weekly Newsletter)


By June 2020, Student achievement in Reading for grades 6-8 will increase from 59% to 69%.


By June 2020, Student achievement in Math will increase from 45% to 55%.


By June 2020, student achievement in Social Studies for will increase from 17% to 27%.


By June 2020, Student achievement in Science will increase from 27% to 37%.


By June 2020, overall attendance for Claughton will increase from 93.5% to 95%.


By 2020, a rating of 80% in the school quality survey for A) Staff and B) Parents will be achieved.
For more information on our school’s transformation plan, please take a look at our full Campus Improvement Plan.
Parent Empowerment Week is scheduled for March 2-6. Parents are invited for a conference with their child and teacher.

Scope and Sequence

  • As part of our commitment to your student’s success, we want you to understand the scope and sequence of what they are learning in their core subjects of Math, Science, English Language Arts and Social Studies. Click on each grade level to see the big ideas and important concepts your student will be learning this year.

  • Crest


  • Principal

    Mr. Rodney Louis is Principal of Claughton Middle School. He has been an educator for 26 years. Mr. Louis started his career as a fifth-grade teacher at W.E. Rogers Elementary School.  After several successful years as a teacher and an Assistant Principal, he was named Lead Principal of Rogers Elementary. Mr. Louis was then named Principal of the Year and successfully completed the Houston A+ Leadership Academy. Read More

    He has served as Director of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction, Senior Director of Administrative Services, and Principal of Forest Brook Middle School.  Prior to his current role, he was Principal at Pat Reynolds Elementary School. 

    Mr. Louis earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Texas Southern University and a Master’s Degree in Mid-Management from Prairie View A&M University. He is a lifelong learner and enjoy serving his community.Read Less