Mrs. V. Allen
  • Counseling Program At Burchett Elementary

    Counselor:  Vanetta Allen
    Contact: 281-891-8636

    Welcome to the Burchett Elementary Guidance and Counseling Program! Here at Burchett Elementary we will be working on character building through discussions of monthly traits and social skills through Lions Quest lessons conducted by the Counselor and Teachers.  The Counselor uses Love and Logic strategies and techniques to address scholars’ behaviors.  Love and Logic is a behavior management curriculum developed by Jim Fay.  The Counselor also provides individual and small group counseling sessions addressing social skills interactions. The individual and small group counseling program is approximately 6-8 weeks in duration.  Scholars will meet at a designated area with the counselor every week during the program duration.  Other duties conducted by the counselor include and are not limited to:

    *Behavioral Response to Intervention (RTI)                
    *Gifted and Talented Identification Testing               
    *Assist in Development and Implementation of Behavior Intervention Plans
    *Assist with Student Leadership Development
    *Conduct 504 Meetings
    *Serve as Community and Family Liaison for the Campus
    *Provide Parent Support Classes
    *English/Spanish Interpretation/Translation
    *Classroom Management Support to Teachers with Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies.
    *Counseling Referrals to Private Counseling

    Feel free to contact me should you have questions or concerns.