• Elementary Students Will Participate In The Following Assessments:

    Grade 3 Reading and Math

    Grade 4 Reading, Math, and Writing

    Grade 5 Reading, Math, and Science

    Time Limits:

    TEA established a four (4) hour time limit for both STAAR grades 3-8 assessments and STAAR EOC assessments. TEA notes that a four hour time limit should provide sufficient time for the majority of students to complete the test. The rationale for time limits aligns Texas testing practices with other timed state and national assessments, i.e. SAT, ACT and AP examinations. Extended time accommodations for students with unique learning needs will continue to be offered.

    Grade 3 Answer Documents:

    Students taking STAAR grade 3 reading and mathematics assessments will now record their responses on a separate answer document. Grade 3 students will no longer record their answers to test items in a scorable test booklet.

    Impact on Grade Advancement:

    The Student Success Initiative (SSI) requires that students in grades 5 and 8 pass both STAAR reading and math exams to be promoted to the next grade. Students will test in April. Any student who needs to retest will be tested in May. Summer testing will be provided in June with a 3rd opportunity to pass the STAAR 5th & 8th grade reading and math exams. STAAR-L students are not mandated to follow SSI requirements.

    Additional STAAR Information
    The following links will provide you with information about the STAAR tests.

    Texas Education A

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If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.