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    • Update: Advanced Placement, Makeup Testing June 1-5

    Advanced Course and Advanced Placement

    •  Advanced Course

      Advanced Courses are offered at the middle and high school level.  These advanced classes build on the students’ strengths and prepares them for Advanced Courses. Advanced Course provides students with strategies and tools needed to engage in active, high-level learning to develop skills, study habits, and concepts required to succeed in Advanced Placement courses.  Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in Advanced Course classes prior to enrolling in AP courses. Advanced Courses are availble to all students by parent request.

      Advanced Placement (AP)

      Advanced Placement (AP) participation offers a unique learning experience with a connection to post secondary success with special emphasis on:

      • Earning college credit
      • Standing out in the college admission process
      • Expanding intellectual and academic skills

      The primary goal of the AP Program is to enrich the secondary school experience of students ready to apply themselves to college-level courses.  The College Board indicates that AP high school courses help students qualify for scholarships, improve skills necessary for college level work, and effectively compete in the college admissions process.  AP participation promotes college readiness both in academics and maturity.

      AP encourages critical and creative thought and fine-tunes analytical skills. AP courses teach students how to manage their time while they learn skills to successfully complete college-level work.  In addition, AP classes emphasize the development of research and independent study skills.  Each AP course concludes with an examination. Students scoring a score of 3 or better can possibly earn college credit.  All students enrolled in AP courses are strongly encouraged to take the AP exam which corresponds with the completed course.  AP exam fees are paid by Spring ISD. 

      Additional Facts About Advanced Course/AP Courses

      • Typically offered district wide in grades 6th – 12th
      • Teachers receive specialized training
      • Courses are academically challenging
      • Courses build on critical thinking skills, reading skills, research skills, writing skills, and advanced performance skills (when necessary).

      Qualities of a Successful Student Enrolled in Advanced Placement Courses

      • Excellent Attendance
      • Strong Organizational and Time Management Skills
      • Strong Ability to Work Independently
      • Interest and Ability to Grasp Concepts
      • Motivated and Dedicated to School Work

      Benefits of Completing Advanced Placement Courses

      • Stand out in college admission process
      • Possibility of earning college credits
      • Better prepared academically for college
      • Earn a higher GPA