• Spring Early College Academy

    Spring Early College Academy adds up to a great experience and a lot of savings – about $50,000, or the average cost of two years of higher education in Texas. By attending Spring Early College Academy for high school, students are able to acquire up to two years of college education for free, at the same time they are earning their high school diploma.

    Spring Early College Academy is located on the campus of Lone Star College-North Harris so that students truly get the college experience while earning their associate degree. The mission of the school is to prepare students to be critical thinkers, responsible citizens, and confident leaders, while receiving rigorous and relevant instruction.

    With only 400 students, Spring Early College Academy offers a personalized learning environment with big results, where students know their teachers and their classmates. Spring Early College Academy has consistently ranked among the top 10 high schools in the greater Houston area as measured by the nonprofit group Children at Risk. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Spring Early College accept transfer students from out of district?

  • When does my child start taking college classes?

  • What is the difference between Wunsche and Spring Early College?

  • Is there a dress code for Spring Early College students?

  • What Advanced Placement classes are offered at Spring Early College?

  • What requirements must be met in order to be considered for the lottery?

  • If a student is selected in the lottery, can he or she later choose to return to their zoned campus?

  • Is transportation provided to and from Spring Early College Academy - LSC-North Harris?

  • Will Spring Early College provide senior activities, such as homecoming and prom?

  • How does the sibling and district employee lottery work?

  • If my child has a *sibling that currently attends a Spring ISD School of Choice, does my 5th or 8th grade child receive automatic acceptance?

  • I am a district employee and my child would like to attend a Spring ISD School of Choice. Is there automatic acceptance?


    Online Application Open
    Through Dec. 17, 2019

    Phase One Eligibility Notification
    February 2020

    Phase Two Student Interviews/Auditions
    February - March, 2020

    Phase Three Lottery Notification
    March 2020

    Final Lottery Notification
    March 28, 2020

    Parent Response Deadline
    April 11, 2020


    Spring Early College Showcase Night
    When: November 19, 2019
    Time: 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.

    Online Application


2700 W.W. Thorne Dr.
Houston, Texas 77073