• Carl Wunsche Senior High School

    Carl Wunsche Sr. High School is a Career Academy for students in grades 9-12. The innovative campus is designed around three towers – professional, technology and medical – in which advanced academics are integrated with career exploration and college preparation. All students participate in four years of advanced academics that includes AP and dual-credit coursework with a senior Capstone project presented before the school’s industry partners.

    Students who attend Wunsche Sr. High School can expect a rigorous classroom experience with plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning through projects, field experiences, internships, mentorships and cooperative learning programs.

    Although Wunsche does not participate in UIL Athletics, students are able to compete in UIL Academics and in other events on their zoned campus, as appropriate. In addition, the school does have many student-led clubs and social activities based on various traditions that are unique to the student life of the campus.

    The overall goal of Wunsche is to develop citizens who are well prepared for their future, whether students choose to enter the workforce directly or move on to higher education. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Online Application Open
    Through Dec. 17, 2019

    Phase One Eligibility Notification
    February 2020

    Phase Two Student Interviews/Auditions
    February - March, 2020

    Phase Three Lottery Notification
    March 2020

    Final Lottery Notification
    March 28, 2020

    Parent Response Deadline
    April 11, 2020

    Online Application


900 Wunsche Loop
Spring, TX 77373