• Board Appreciation Month

  • School Board Trustees Honored

    Spring Independent School District is joining school districts across Texas and around the nation in taking time out during the month of January to celebrate its Board of Trustees as a part of School Board Recognition Month. 

    “Spring ISD is extremely fortunate to have had so many dedicated, talented trustees step up to serve the district over the years, and the current board is no exception,” said Spring ISD Superintendent Dr. Rodney E. Watson. “They truly do give so much in terms of their time and their expertise, but most of all in their unshakeable commitment to students. Every one of our board members is here because they believe in public education and in the students of Spring ISD, and that commitment shows in everything they do.”

    Spring ISD board trustees are elected for rotating three-year terms and are empowered by the Texas Legislature to govern and manage the district’s schools. The seven trustees represent the district as a whole--not a specific geographical area--although they are elected to numbered positions. In addition, the board fulfills its responsibilities by establishing and setting objectives for the district's strategic plan, adopting an annual budget based on the plan, establishing policies for the operation of the district and selecting a superintendent who serves as the chief executive officer of the district.

    “The relationship between school board members and the superintendent is an important one for any district,” Watson said. “It requires trust, mutual respect and hard work to build an environment where a diversity of voices and ideas can thrive as we all work together to do what’s best for students, each and every day. I feel blessed to share that vision with such a dedicated group of trustees and thank them for their commitment to service to our students and community.”

    The current seven-member board is comprised of the following trustees below. Click each name to learn a little more about each person. 

  • President Rhonda Newhouse, Position 5

  • Vice President Dr. Deborah Jensen, Position 1

  • Secretary Donald Davis, Position 6

  • Assistant Secretary Winford Adams Jr., Position 4

  • Kelly P. Hodges, Position 2

  • Justine Durant, Position 3

  • Jana Gonzales, Position 7

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Rhonda Newhouse
Justine Durant
Donald Davis
Jana Gonzales
Deborah Jensen
Winford Adams Jr.
Kelly P. Hodges