• Volunteers in Public Schools


    Thank you for your interest in Spring ISD’s VIPS program.  We are excited that you want to volunteer in our schools. Volunteers play a vital role in increasing student achievement, and we appreciate you for donating your time and talent to benefit our students.  We hope that volunteering in our schools is a rewarding experience for you.

    How Do I Become a Volunteer?

    In order to become a volunteer in Spring ISD, individuals must complete the online VIPS application, which includes a consent to perform a criminal history check.  You will receive an initial email confirming submission of your application. You will receive an approval email once your background check has cleared. You may begin volunteering once you receive approval.

    What Happens if My Background Check Does Not Clear?

    If your background check does not clear, you will receive an email stating that you should contact the Spring ISD Police Department at 281.891.6911 for more information.  You may be able to appeal the non-clearance through the appeals process.

    Volunteer Guidelines

    Please read and follow the guidelines below to ensure you have a positive experience volunteering in our schools.

    Every volunteer should

    • Sign in and out of the school on the school’s sign-in sheet and wear a volunteer badge provided by the front office staff
    • Be a positive role model by dressing appropriately and behaving professionally
    • Be familiar with all school policies, such as usage of office machines, parking regulations, and emergency procedures
    • Remember that all student, staff, and school information is confidential
    • Smile, be friendly and helpful
    • Be considerate of teachers’ time schedules
    • Ask for assistance from a staff member in discipline matters; never discipline a student
    • Work with students in the presence of at least one staff member
    • Support the school positively to the community; talk about the good things happening at the school
    • Support the goals and philosophy of Spring ISD