Attendance Boundaries

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Planned Attendance Boundary Changes on HOLD
  • Why aren’t the high school attendance boundary changes planned for 2020-21 going into effect?

  • If the planned boundary changes aren’t implemented next year, will they be put in place at a later date?

  • My 8th-grade student already met the principal and made plans to attend the high school he/she was zoned to under the planned 2020-21 attendance boundaries. What if he/she still wants to attend that school?

  • I’m confused. How can I figure out what high school my student will be attending next year?

  • So now that the new planned high school attendance boundaries are on hold, do I need to do anything to enroll my child at their current zoned high school?

  • My family moved/bought and/or rented a home/apartment based on what the district said was going to happen with the planned high school boundary changes next year. What can we do?

  • I have more questions. What can I do?