• Wunsche students who participate in an extracurricular activity at their zoned campus, such as athletics, band, choir, cheerleading, drill team, can earn a letter jacket for that activity from their zoned campus.  That jacket would be the colors of their zoned campus.

    Students participating in an approved CTSO for a minimum of 3 years and qualifying for State or National Competition can also receive a letter jacket through the Career and Technical Education Department. In addition, they must have 30 documented hours of community service. Full requirement checklist can be viewed here
    Finally, they can earn an academic letter jacket if they have a cumulative 4.4 weighted GPA at the end of their sophomore year or junior year.  That jacket would be Wunsche colors.
    A student can only earn one letter jacket, per University Interscholastic League regulations.  However, students may purchase patches for areas in which they excel and add those patches to their letter jacket.
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