My Anti Drug

  • What’s Your Anti-Drug?

    SISD high school scholars were given the task of writing about their Anti-Drug.  The criteria for an anti-drug was: 

    • Something that means more to you than using a drug.  
    • Something that is a healthy life choice.  
    • Something that gives a person a reason not to do drugs.  
    • It is more than just saying “no.”
    • And, it could not be another person, because it is your responsibility to not use drugs.

    Over 700 entries were submitted to the Spring I.S.D. Mental Health and Related Services department.  Each entry was read and evaluated by the Anti-Drug committee.  We want to thank all the students for many wonderful and inspiring entries.  

    We are pleased to announce the following twelve students as an Anti-Drug Ambassador for the Spring Independent School District for 2019-2020. Their posters will be present in all of the Spring campuses when we kick off the 2020 - 2021 school year. 

    Identifying a passion, following your strengths, and being committed to something productive is important, not only in maintaining an abstinence of drugs, but in being successful in life.