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    Student Code of Conduct Updated to Reflect Changes Related to Pandemic

    The district’s 2020-21 Student Code of Conduct has been updated to reflect revisions and additions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Specifically, the handbook now includes guidance around how students are expected to behave to promote safety when health conditions permit in-person learning on the campuses, including maintaining social distancing procedures, handwashing, wearing masks and keeping mouth and nose covered while sneezing and/or coughing. 

    Students could face disciplinary action for purposefully trying to cough or sneeze on another person, refusing to adhere to social distancing standards, and removing personal protective equipment like a mask with the goal of trying to harm or threaten another person with bodily fluids. 

    Students who show up to school without a mask or refuse to wear one during the school day may also face a dress code violation. The expectation is that all students come to school wearing a face covering, just as they would adhere to dress code. The goal is to keep everyone in our school safe, including students and staff. 

    To view the entire Code of Conduct, please click here. Parents without ability to download the Code of Conduct may request one in print by emailing Thomas Graham, the director of Student Affairs at tgraham@springisd.org.