Chaplain John Goodman
  • Our Chaplain:

    Officer John Goodman has 30 years of Texas Law Enforcement experience. Chaplain Goodman has proudly served the Spring ISD Police Department since 2002.  Officer Goodman serves as the department’s Chaplain. Chaplain John Goodman graduated from the University of Houston- Downtown Police Academy in December of 1990.

    Chaplain John Goodman became a licensed minister in December of 1998 and an ordained minister in 2002.  He attended Oikodome College of Biblical Studies where he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree. Hed is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Ministerial Studies at the Christian Bible Institute and Seminary.  He has 22 years of service in the Ministry. In addition to serving as the Spring ISD Police Department’s Chaplain, Chaplain Goodman has served for 9 years as the senior pastor of Unity and Love Baptist Church.

    Prior to his service with the Spring ISD Police Department, Chaplain Goodman served 8 years in the United States Army.

    Chaplain Goodman holds a Master Peace Officer License as well as an American Board for Certification in Homeland Security Master Chaplain License.

  • Functions

    Accompanying a police officer to assist with notification of any suicide, death, or serious injury.

    Counsel Department Command Staff and Police Officer in response to stress or family crisis problems.

    Advising the Chief of Police in all matters of a religious nature involving the Police Department 

    Serving as liaison with local ministerial associations on matters pertaining to the moral, spiritual, and religious welfare of police personnel.

    Assisting the Police Department in the performance of appropriate ceremonial functions.



  • Why it Matters

    Mental wellness is just as  important, if not more so than our physical wellness.  The  stressors on first responders are unquestionably unique and today their needs are greater than ever. The behavioral health

    concerns for fire, police, EMS,  and dispatch has been significantly discussed and  addressed over the years among scholars and practitioners alike. The key missing piece in the complex puzzle of wellness and

    career longevity for first responders is the chaplain. But chaplaincy is more than a set of duties and not just any chaplain will do. 



  • Contact Chaplain Goodman

    Phone: 281-891- 6929