Meet K-9 Benji!

  • The mission of the Spring ISD Police Therapy K9 program is to encourage and cultivate positive relationships with the school district students, staff, and community who may be struggling with trauma, mental health concerns, or who can benefit from therapy dog services.

    Benji is the first therapy dog for Spring ISD and the police department. 

    Mental Health Benefits

    • Decrease in stress and anxiety
    • Decrease in loneliness and aggressive behaviors
    • Increase in socialization, including opportunities for laughter and a sense of happiness and well-being
    • Increase in spirit, self-esteem, and feeling of acceptance
    • Feelings of social and emotional support

    Physical Benefits

    • Decrease in cortisol (stress hormone)
    • Increases in hormones associated with health and feelings of well-being
    • Encourages communication