• SVMS IB MYP Report Card 

    Clarifications and Explanations

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    Why do we receive an IB Report Card?

    The International Baccalaureate organization believes assessment is a critical component to teaching, learning, and growing. 

    As an MYP candidate school, we also believe:

    • Students and families should receive feedback on their progress
    • Students should be given the opportunity to reflect on their progress
    • Learning Coaches are able to refine and enhance their teaching by analyzing student progress on assessments
    • Students need the opportunity to synthesize new information and skills within and across disciplines 
    • Students should have the opportunity to show and apply their knowledge and understanding  in a variety of authentic, realistic ways

    How is the IB Report Card different from the normal SVMS SISD report card?

    The normal report card received every six weeks reflects student mastery of the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills). The grades are a culmination of daily and major grades taken over the course of the six weeks.  

    The IB Report Card reflects student progress on the IB Objectives (see chart below).  Each of the eight subjects taught in the MYP have four objectives.  These objectives include the factual, conceptual and procedural knowledge and skills students are taught throughout the unit.







    Language & Literature



    Producing Text

    Using Language

    Language Acquisition

    Comprehending Spoken & Visual Text

    Comprehending Written & Visual Text


    Using Language


    Knowing & Understanding

    Inquiring & Designing

    Processing & Evaluating

    Reflecting on the Impacts of Sciences


    Knowing & Understanding

    Investigating Patterns


    Applying Mathematics in Real-World Contexts


    Knowing & Understanding

    Developing Skills

    Thinking Creatively


    Physical & Health Education

    Knowing & Understanding

    Planning for Performance

    Applying & Performing

    Reflecting & Improving Performance


    Inquiring & Analyzing

    Developing Ideas

    Creating the Solution


    Individuals & Societies

    Knowing & Understanding



    Thinking Critically

    What assignments are graded using the IB grading system?

    At the end of each unit, students are assigned an assessment over the concepts and objectives that were covered.  These assessments,  usually called GRASPS,  require students to show their understanding through an authentic performance, product or presentation.

    What does the IB Report Card tell me about my student?

    The IB Report Card provides an opportunity for families to reflect on their student’s progression of learning on IB objectives over the course of the school year.  It also allows students to see areas or contents of strengths and identify areas for goal setting and improvement. 

    How are these scores determined?

    IB provides Learning Coaches with rubrics, criterion and performance descriptors for MYP Years 1, 3 and 5 for each of the eight subjects.  Learning Coaches use this, in conjunction with TEKS, to create authentic assessments for each unit.  

    Does my student know how they will be scored on assessments?

    When unit assessments are assigned, students receive a copy of the rubric used for scoring. The rubric also contains a “Task Clarification” that details specific assignment expectations.

    When will the IB Report Cards be sent home?

    Students and parents will receive the IB Report Card twice a year, at the end of each semester.