Spring ISD's Year-Long Professional Learning Cycle

Professional Learning Cycle
  • For the 2020-2021 school year, Spring ISD has taken professional learning to the next level!

    In order to narrow the focus and deepen the learning, Spring ISD has launched a Year-Long Professional Learning Cycle. The cycle includes a series of 3 professional learning sessions, followed by the collection of artifacts of implementation from session participants.

    • Stage 1: The Professional Learning Cycle begins with an initial session either in-person or virtual.
    • Stage 2: This is followed by Phase 1 Implementation where participants implement learning and create an artifact showing implementation of the learning.
    • Stage 3: Session 2 of the professional learning series in-person or virtual
    • Stage 4: Phase 2 Implementation with an artifact
    • Stage 5: Session 3 of the professional learning series in-person or virtual
    • Stage 6: Phase 3 Implementation concludes with the submission of an artifact showing the impact of the implementation of professional learning on student performance.
    • Stage 7: Participants have either confirmed mastery of the professional learning or will need to implement another cycle of the learning.