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    The Imagination Journey

    Spring ISD has partnered with the Alley Theatre to add The Imagination Journey video series as a powerful tool for student engagement. It is an exercise in which a storyteller engages students in the exploration of academic concepts using theatre skills, such as visualization, pantomime, and using the five senses. Each episode is specifically designed around the ELAR/SLAR curricula and targets specific skills and standards.

    In each video, a teaching artist from the Alley Theatre guides students through an imaginary story world while simultaneously introducing, exploring, and discussing knowledge and skills from the core content curriculum. By approaching the subject matter with an element of imagination and play, students experience a deeper level of engagement and employ enhanced critical thinking skills to promote academic achievement.

Imagination Journey Videos

  • Kindergarten
  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade
  • Lit Lessons

    Lit Lessons

    Lit Lessons is an original series of short films, written and produced by Spring ISD students, teachers, and staff. They provide students and families with an engaging and interactive experience in the foundational literacy skills. Each episode features a “Lit Lesson” in which students learn and practice specific literacy skills, while at the same time helping the characters in the story to solve a problem related to that skill.

    The character roles are played by Spring ISD Theatre students. The role of “Teacher” is typically played by students in the CTE Education Pathway program. CTE Audio/Visual Production students worked on cinematography and editing as well. These short films are a great way for the entire family to enjoy learning together and to increase student engagement with literacy skills in a fun and relevant way.

    Lit Lessons is currently in production and expected to be released soon.