• Updating Parent Contact Information in Home Access Center (HAC)


    Now’s the Time to Update Your Contact Information! Log into HAC TODAY!

    Parents and guardians, now’s the time to update your contact information in the Home Access Center and be sure that we have an email address linked to your HAC account.

    This is very important as we will need an email address to contact you over the summer with your annual student update in preparation for the next school year.

    If you do not have an email address, we recommend creating a free Gmail account through Google.

    Schools and the district use your contact information to communicate with you throughout the school year so please make sure your information is correct and up to date in HAC.

    Parents and guardians can follow these steps to log into Home Access Center to view and update the contact information we have for you in our system:

    1. my.springisd.org portal login pageclick to enlarge
      Go to the my.springisd.org portal.
    2. Enter the Username and Password the district provided to you. Remember, all parents/guardians have their own Username. Do not use your student's Username.

      For parents/guardians, this is same Username and Password used to log into HAC (Home Access Center). Note: Usually, your Username is your first initial (dot) last name. For example, John Smith would be j.smith. If you have a longer last name or a common last name, the Username may be shorter or have a number after it.

      Contact your child's campus if you cannot log in.
    3. Home Access Center (HAC) icon in my.springisd.org portalclick to enlarge
      Once logged into the portal, open the Home Access Center (HAC) icon.
    4. Home Access Center (HAC) login screenclick to enlarge
      Use the same Username and Password you used for the my.springisd.org portal to log into Home Access Center.
    5. Home Access Center: Registration icon | Demographic tabclick to enlarge
      Once in HAC, select the Registration icon and then click on the Demographic tab.
    6. Home Access Center: Edit Contactsclick to enlarge
      In the Contacts section, click on the Edit button on the right.
    7. Home Access Center: Update Select Contact Informationclick to enlarge
      In the Guardian section, input your email address and phone numbers in the spaces provided.  Please make sure your Email address is up to date as that is a vital method of communication for campuses and the district.  Home phone number is used for voice calls while Mobile phone number is used for text/SMS messages from our communications system.  Other phone numbers may be used for emergency voice calls.

      If you do not have an email address, we recommend creating a free Gmail account through Google.
    8. When you have updated your contact information, click on the Save button at the top right.

    Your parent/guardian contact information will apply to all of your linked students.  Clicking on the current student's name at the top right of Home Access Center (HAC) will open a drop-down menu of your linked students.  If you are not linked to all of your students, contact your campus registrar or SIMS clerk.