• 2024-2025 Community Project Information

    8/23/24 Community Project Kickoff 

    9/27/24 Checkpoint #1 Items Due:

    1. Completed Project Proposal 
    2. Academic Honesty notes and 1st initials 
    3. Journal Slides 

    12/13/24 Checkpoint #2 Items Due:

    1. Service completed
    2. Journal Slides
    3. Academic Honesty notes & 2nd initials

    1/17/25 Community Projects Due

    1. Completed Journal
    2. Completed project and artifacts
    3. Video presentation submitted


     **Student journals and lesson slides can be found in Schoology.         


  • What is Service as Action?

    Making an impact on the community by taking action to address needs. 

    Service Learning:

    • Learning by contributing and taking action

    • Applying what you learn in a meaningful way

    • Making a connection between the classroom and the world   
    • Understanding the context of what you learn and why it’s important 


  • All Year 3 students must participate in a Community Project. 


    Purpose & Philosophy for a Community Project:

    1. Encourages students to exercise their right and responsibility for acts of service
    2. Brings awareness of local and/or global needs
    3. Promotes:

    * Inquiry

    * Synthesis of Subject Knowledge

    * Practice of Approaches to Learning Skills

    * Learner Profile Traits


    IB & SVMS Community Project Requirements:

    1. All Year 3 (8th graders) will complete a Community Project
    2. Work individually or in a group with no more than 3 students
    3. Meet twice a month with a Learning Coach Supervisor
    4. Identify a need connected to a Global Context
    5. Community Project  Showcase Presentation
    6. Submit: Proposal for Action, Project Process Journal, Academic Honesty Commitment


    SVMS Community Project Brochure


    Community Project Student Guide