Prevention and Mitigation Strategies

  • Spring ISD has the primary goal of minimizing the risk posed by COVID-19 to its students, staff, and their families. The following strategies will be implemented:

    • The district recommends all students and staff follow federal guidelines as they relate to vaccination against COVID-19.
    • In accordance with CDC guidelines, the district is requiring universal masking for students and staff. 
    • The district will continue a regular schedule of cleaning and disinfecting among its buses and buildings.
    • Hand sanitizer will continue to be available in district buildings and frequent hand washing will continue to be encouraged.
    • In addition to masks, all students and staff are encouraged to wear any additional personal protective equipment that they choose, including gloves and face shields.
  • Reporting: Spring ISD is not subject to any local or state requirements to conduct contact tracing, however, reporting is still required. All Spring ISD students, staff, and parents have a responsibility for the timely reporting of COVID-19 symptoms or the receipt of a confirmed positive test result. We must work together as a community to quickly notify individuals identified as close contacts so we can isolate and reduce the risk of further spread of the virus in our schools.

  • Employee Disinfecting