Staff Protocols for COVID-19

  • Staff Guidance  

    1. A staff member who tests positive for COVID shall inform their supervisor immediately upon receiving PCR or home-test kit test results. It is the staff member’s responsibility to notify their supervisor immediately upon testing positive for COVID.

    2. The staff member’s supervisor will complete and submit a COVID positive test form ( to the Emergency Management and School Safety COVID Team. 

    3. The staff member’s absence due to a positive COVID PCR or home-test kit test is counted against the staff member’s sick or leave time (the staff member will contact their supervisor regarding this issue). 

    4. If a staff member’s symptoms are improving and they are fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication, then the staff member should return to work. 

    5. There is no need to notify the Emergency Management and School Safety COVID Team prior to testing.

    6. If a supervisor needs to report a positive staff member, the following information is needed to be completed within the Google form ( staff member’s name, employee number, date of birth, telephone number, home address,  

    7. Upon return, the staff member’s supervisor will maintain the documentation either electronically or on paper; no further action is required. 

    8. We recommend a mask for anyone who may be exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, flu, or the common cold, or who were in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID.

    Note: This guidance may change as guidance to the district changes as directed by the CDC, Texas Education Agency, and Department of State Health Services. If the guidance changes, we will update this guidance as necessary.