Special Education Legal Updates & Notices

  • Legislation related to Special Education
    Senate Bill 139, Notices to Families - Updates located on our Legal Updates and Notices Page

    Spring ISD aligned our reporting requirements regarding the enrollment of special education Performance Based Monitoring to comply with the state's Analysis System.  We ensure that parents are provided their rights via the procedural safeguards at least annually for their students identified to receive special education services.   We believe that every parent should and is provided clear and transparent processes regarding how students are considered for referral for special education services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)  and TEC Sec. 29.004 .  You can easily locate our local policies and procedures related to how one can initiate a referral for evaluation under IDEA on our webpage and also through communication with our campus leadership. 

    In our efforts to ensure access and information, every family in Spring ISD has access to your campus leaders for additional questions surrounding Child Find. 

    Access to your student's Senate Bill 139 Notice: 
    Spring ISD provided notices to families via our system's notification system.  Please also know that you can access your student's notice at any time by following the steps located below. 

    1. Select to open this link:  Spring ISD Campus Folder for Special Education Notices
    2. Locate your child's campus
    3. Select the folder for your student's campus
    4. Select your student's notice in your language of understanding 
    5. Review & download your student's notice. 

    Senate Bill 139 Document 

    For parents/guardians that may have difficulty accessing the internet, please note that all families have access to this information.  You may contact your child’s school via phone and/or review the distributed printed fliers containing contact information for every campus at your convenience. You may contact the Spring ISD Special Education Department. Phone calls and email blast were provided to every family in Spring ISD in the language of the family regarding this information on October 20, 2021. 

    Acceso al Aviso del Proyecto de Ley del Senado 139 de su estudiante:

    Spring ISD proporcionó avisos a las familias a través del sistema del sistema de notificación nuestro. También puede acceder al aviso de su estudiante, en cualquier momento siguiendo los pasos que se encuentran a continuación.

    1. Seleccione este enlace para abrir: La Carpeta de la escuela en Spring ISD para los avisos de educación especial
    2. Seleccione la escuela de su hijo
    3. Seleccione la carpeta de la escuela de su estudiante.
    4. Seleccione el aviso de su estudiante en su idioma de comprensión
    5. Revise y ab el aviso de su estudiante.

    *Documento del Proyecto de Ley del Senado 139

    Para los padres/ tutores que tengan dificultades para acceder el Internet, tomen en cuenta que todas las familias tienen acceso a esta información. Puede comunicarse con la escuela de su hijo/a por teléfono y revisar los folletos distribuidos que contienen la información de contacto de cada escuela a su conveniences. Puede comunicarse con el Departamento de Educación Especial de Spring ISD