Blended Learning Innovator Designation
  • How are we preparing our students for a future that does not exist today?

    What is Blended Learning?

    Unlike the concurrent and hybrid learning models experienced during the beginning of the pandemic, blended learning is a formal education program that integrates learning experiences from the traditional classroom with lessons that use different capacities of computer technology to provide opportunities for individualized and engaging learning pathways while building additional skills for the future.

    Why Blended Learning?

    Technology is rapidly advancing, and we are at the moment in education where innovation is the key when delivering instruction. By integrating technology into instruction and using blended learning practices to create personalized learning pathways, students will become confident and successful as they are engaged in their academics.

    How will the Blended Learning Designation be implemented?

    There are nineteen Blended Learning Innovator Campuses from Cohort 1 & 2 of the Blended Learning Designation. In the 2023-2024 school year, all remaining Spring ISD campuses will be adopted in as our Cohort 3 Innovator Campuses. Through provided support such as campus coaching, professional development, and readily available resources, Cohort 1 & 2 campuses will help lead the way in the Blended Learning Innovator Designation plan as we expand the success that blended learning can provide for equitable student outcomes across the district. 


  • *All dates and information are subject to change.

    Year One: Spring 2022

      • January- Blended Learning Innovator Designation Kickoff, Year One Application Process, and Innovator Campus Announcements
      • Late February - Technology On Campus
      • February through End of School Year - Training, Coaching, and Support

    Year Two: 2022-2023

      • Continued support and practices with existing Blended Learning Innovator Campuses
      • Expanded opportunities for additional campuses

    Year Three: 2023-2024

      • District-Wide Implementation

Perks and Supports:

    • Blended Learning Resource Toolkit & Training
    • Google Academy Opportunities for Educators to become a Certified Level One Google Educator
    • Priority Campus Coaching 

Reynolds Elementary School

Springwoods Village Middle School

Carl Wunsche Sr. High School