• As we prepare of the upcoming football season, there are several items that need to be addressed before the end of the school year and before your child can participate in athletics.  The district requires that every student-athlete that wishes to participate in any sport MUST have a physical on file.  All required paperwork must be properly completed and turned in to the coaching staff before they can participate in any practice or game.  


    You MUST turn in the physical form to the Dueitt Boys Athletics Department before the deadline date of August 26th, 2022 for next season.  Please turn in to the Coaching staff, not to the clinic.  As long as the physical is after April 15, it will be valid for all of next school year (Fall 2022 – Spring 2023).

    You must purchase the athletic apparel before August 26th, 2022.  We will be sending (sportsyou) updates, as well as updates on rankonesports.  Athletic apparel MUST be purchased through Spring ISD website; everything that is purchased is the child’s to keep.  If not, your student will have their schedule changed to Physical Education class and will not be able to participate in football.  You have time; please take care of this as soon as possible!

    You must have the Parent/Guardian information packet turned in by August 26th.  Parents and children must read the packet carefully, make sure everything is understood and you are aware of what you are signing as far as policies and procedures.

    Spring ISD Athletic Period Policy

    • Must have an updated physical

    • Expectation is that all students involved in athletic period must attempt to participate in at least 2 sports throughout the school year. (Football MUST BE ONE)

    • Students who participate in cross-country may qualify to be placed in the athletic period at the end of the semester contingent on participation in basketball and track. 

    • Athletic period students will also be required to maintain good academic and behavioral standards.

    Here is a list to help remind you of the paperwork

    Physical/UIL forms – These documents are required to practice and/or tryout for any sports offered at Dueitt. For the sport please write: ALL SPORTS, this will prevent getting an additional physical for a different sport later in the school year. All students will only need one physical that year.    

    1. springisd.rankonesports.com

    2. Electronic Participation forms

    3. Complete All 7 Forms


     “Must Have Own Insurance”

    Injured players will be required to dress out and see the Dekaney High training staff. We recommend that athletes see the trainer first whenever they are injured to school. We have an outstanding Training Staff. They are highly experienced and can advise when a doctor’s visit is recommended and when rehabilitation work is appropriate.


     Order Athletic Attire found on Athletics Homepage

    Parent / Athlete Acknowledgement and Agreement – Parent and Athlete signature required found on Athletics Hompage