Spring ISD Recovery Plan - ESSER

  • Spring ISD Recovery PlanIn March 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act, also known as the ARP Act, was signed into law. The bill dedicated $122 billion for K-12 schools across the country through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) III funds.

    Thanks to the federal law, Spring ISD is eligible for $101 million in one-time funds to overcome learning losses and to accelerate academic growth in the wake of the pandemic.

    As part of the district’s process to apply for these funds, Spring ISD recently submitted its Recovery Plan to the Texas Education Agency for review and approval. In drafting this document, the district has spent several months working with stakeholders and incorporating that feedback to develop its Recovery Plan, including a community survey and meetings with teachers, parents, students, advisory groups and district leaders. 

    The result of this work is our Recovery Plan, focused on accelerated learning to be implemented this 2021-22 school year to ensure that all of our students are able to recover successfully from the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Our framework is based on five tenets: 

    • Highly Effective Principals and Teachers
    • Aligned Curriculum & Ongoing Progress Measures
    • Maximize Learning Time
    • High Dosage Tutoring 
    • Safe & Secure Learning Environment

    Under each of these tenets, we’ve detailed specific work we plan to do with the expected outcomes. Throughout the year, we will be checking our progress and providing updates to our Board of Trustees. 

    Our goal is simple: See our student outcomes improve, whether it’s on STAAR/EOC testing or other benchmark assessments. We’ll also be looking at attendance, discipline, parent engagement, graduation, CTE participation and other important measures of success. 

    We’re also committed to transparency and ongoing feedback. Should you have any questions or concerns about our Recovery Plan, we encourage you to let us know by visiting: https://www.springisd.org/elevate. Once on our elevate landing page, please leave your feedback under the area titled Spring ISD Recovery Plan 2021-22.

Recovery Framework

  • 1) Highly Effective Principals and Teachers

  • 2) Aligned Curriculum & Ongoing Progress Measures

  • 3) Maximize Learning Time

  • 4) High Dosage Tutoring

  • 5) Safe and Secure Learning Environments

EOY Goal Summary

  • NORTH STAR GOAL EOY Update Status (2021-22)
    By 2027, Spring ISD will increase the percentage of students in A/B schools from 27% to 50% and decrease the percentage of students in D/F schools from 46% to 0%.

    Based on preliminary data:

    • % students in A/B schools: 52%
    Goal Met
    • % of students in D schools: 26%
    • % of students F schools: 0%
    By 2027, Spring ISD will increase the number of A/B schools from 12 to 19 and decrease the number of schools that score D/F from 16 to 0.

    Based on preliminary data:

    • # of A/B schools: 27
    Goal Met
    • # of D schools: 4
    • # of F schools: 0


    STUDENT OUTCOMES EOY Update Status (2021-22)
    The district reaches an 80 or greater for an Overall Domain Score rating of a “B” (LY –78 = C) Based on preliminary data: Projected Overall Domain Score of “B” (81) Goal Met
    0.5 PPT growth in 4-year graduation rate 2019-20 to 2020-21: -1.2 PPT Goal Not Met
    37% of all students reach the Meets level in all STAAR/EOC subjects Overall: 32% Progressing
    36% of SpEd students reach the Approaches level in all STAAR/EOC subjects Overall: 34% Progressing
    53% of Multilingual students reach the Approaches level in all STAAR/EOC subjects Overall: 54% Goal Met
    40% of GT students reach the Masters level in all STAAR/EOC subjects Overall: 57% Goal Met
    At least 52% of CTE students graduate with an endorsement and 30% graduate with a certification CTE Grads with Endorsement: 91.5% CTE Grads with Certification: 59.4% On Track
    1.5 PPT improvement in student attendance compared to 2019 (Baseline: 93.6%) Attendance Rate: 85.1% Off Track
    Increase in mClass standards of performance at MOY and EOY compared to BOY baseline BOY % At/Above Grade Level: 40% EOY % At/Above Grade Level: 58% Goal Met


    STUDENT OUTCOMES - HB3 EOY Update Status (2021-22)  
    2 PPT increase in CCMR among all student populations All: +26% Black: +34%, Hispanic: +21%, White: +23%, Eco-Dis: +27%, SpEd: +38%, Emergent Bilingual: +30% Goal Met
    65% of students exceed expected growth on MAP Reading (3rd-8th) & MAP Math (K-8th)** EOY % Met Growth for Reading: 51% EOY % Met Growth for Math: 53% Goal Not Met
    90% of PK students are On Target based on CIRCLE Phonological Awareness, Early Writing, Letter-Sound Correspondence, and Overall Mathematics assessments Phonological Awareness: 82% Progressing
    Early Writing: 90% Goal Met
    Letter-Sound Awareness: 83% Progressing
    Overall Math: 92% Goal Met


    EQUITY EOY Update Status (2021-22)  
    10% decrease in total disciplinary removals for African American and Special Education males (secondary only)

    African American Males Secondary: 2022: 85% removal rate

    (2019: 123% removal rate)

    On Track

    Special Education Males Secondary: 2022: 70% removal rate

    (2019: 107% removal rate)

    On Track

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