•    Middle School Student-Parent-School Compact 2022-2023 

    We fully commit to Claughton Polytechnic Middle School in the following ways: As the PRINCIPAL and LEADERSHIP TEAM, we will: 

      • Hire the most capable employees to ensure the safety and success of your child. Provide high quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment that enables the students to meet the state’s academic achievement standards. 
      • Seek first to understand your concerns and suggestions. 
      • Be fair and consistent with all students and demonstrate respect for cultural diversity.  Put students first in all of our decisions. 
      • Provide parents the opportunity to volunteer, participate, and support the academic success of our students. 
      • Create and maintain high expectations for learning, behavior and safety. Create a Remind account and communicate regularly regarding campus safety, expectations and events. 
      • Provide each family with access to the Student-Parent Handbook and the Student Code of Conduct. 

    As the TEACHERS, we will: 

      • Ensure our lessons are 100% aligned to the State Standards
      • Engage your child in meaningful learning activities that lead to academic achievement and growth
      • Create a Remind account for each classroom and communicate weekly regarding learning goals, assignments, projects and recovery opportunities.  
      • Participate in parent conferences that are used to plan for student academic and behavioral improvement. 
      • Enter two grades per week by Friday 5:00 PM to ensure parents and students can monitor progress. Additionally, we will return graded work to the student with precise written feedback. 
      • Involve parents and students in developing a behavior plan for Level 1 and 2 offenses outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.  
      • Provide a positive learning environment that maintains high expectations, builds self-esteem and academic knowledge
      • Follow the district’s instructional plan to ensure each student’s academic progress. Inform parents of student’s progress in a timely manner and provide students with the opportunity to relearn and/or recover assignments.
      • Communicate frequently through parent/teacher conferences, email and Remind. 
      •  Treat all students with dignity and respect.



    Claughton Polytechnic Middle School Student-Parent-School Compact 2019-2020 

    As the PARENT, I will: 

      • Sign up for the school’s and teachers’ Remind accounts.


      • Teach my child to ask for help. 


      • Ensure my child acts in accordance with the Student-Parent Handbook and the Student Code of Conduct. 


      • Teach my child refrain from arguing with or being disrespectful to adults and reassure my child that I am his/her advocate and will handle any concern with the school.


      • Tell my child to never confront anyone, but to instead go to an adult regarding any peer concerns.


      • Send my child to school each day with a minimum of a novel, a notebook, a pencil and a pen. I will expect my child to read in the rare chance that there is idle time in a classroom. 


      • Refrain from texting/calling my child during school day.


      • I will support the school policy that states all cell phones should be turned off and not visible during the instructional day. 


      • Ensure my child carries a backpack to keep his/her phone in during the instructional day.


      • Not allow my child to bring earbuds or other items to school that can distract him/her during instructional time. 


      • Make sure my child arrives at ________between 8:25 am and 8:50 am (Monday-Friday) or boards a Spring ISD bus at the scheduled time. 


    • Always help my child in the best way I know how and I will do whatever it takes for him/her to learn. This also means that I will check my child’s homework every night and read with him/her every night for at least 30 minutes.


    • Always make myself available to the school and address any concerns they might have. 


    • Notify the attendance clerk, Ms. _____________ at _____(#)__________ as soon as  possible if my child is going to miss school.


      • Carefully read any and all papers that the school sends home to me. 


      • Make sure my child follows the campus dress code. I will not send him/her to school wearing clothes that are too big or too small. 


      • Update contact information (phone #, address, etc…) within 24 hours of a change with the campus Registrar, Ms. _______________________. 
      • Check the Wednesday information folder on the school’s Website every Wednesday. Visit the Home Access Center (HAC) regularly to view grades and notes from teachers.


      • Treat teachers as partners in my child’s education even when we disagree. I will not argue with any adult at the school in the presence of my child or any other children.


      • Model the behavior I expect my child to have at school including treating everyone with dignity and respect.


      • Ensure my child attends intervention or enrichment classes as scheduled. 




    As the STUDENT, I will: 

    • Act in accordance with the Student-Parent Handbook and the Student Code of Conduct. Sign up for the school’s and teachers’ Remind accounts
      • Arrive to class on time, follow the routines and complete my Do Now. 
      • Ask for help if I need it. 
      • Take pride in my school and not litter. 
      • Keep my phone in my backpack and never use it in the building. 
      • Follow the uniform and dress code polices.  
      • Never walk away from an adult or leave the campus without my parent.
      • Share any concerns I have regarding inappropriate adult behavior with my parent/guardian, an administrator and/or counselor. I will allow this adult to intervene on my behalf. 
      • Not disrupt learning by over talking the teacher, getting out of my seat without permission, refusing to comply with my teacher’s request, using profanity, horse playing, talking with peers without permission or engage in any other behavior that disrupts the learning process. 
      • Speak using the appropriate CHAMPS level in the hallway, classroom and cafeteria. Speak to a trusted adult when I have concerns and I will not fight or confront anyone regarding hearsay (what I was told someone said). 
      • Respect all adults on the campus with my actions and words. 
      • Do homework every night and read at least 30 minutes every evening. Do my best work in class, at home, and show my best behavior at all times. Arrive at school and every class on time, prepared, with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn and participate
      • Be accountable and responsible for myself. 
      • Be respectful of myself and my peers.



















    Middle School Student-Parent-School Compact 2022-2023


    I understand that my child must wear his/her ID badge to school every day. It must be visible at all times. Students without visible IDs will be required to serve two hours of Saturday Detention at _________________Middle School. Lost IDs must be replaced at a cost of $5.00 to the student. 

    I understand that my child had been issued a student planner for both our sakes. As a parent, my responsibility is to ensure that I review the planner every night for homework assignments and notes from teachers and then sign it. I am also expected to hold my child accountable for bringing the planner home every day. Lost planners must be replaced at a cost of $5.00. (Only for schools with planners) 

    I understand that a lost textbook could keep my child from participating in the end-of year school activities. I will talk with my child about the cost of the textbook and the need for him/her to maintain the condition of the textbook. I will ensure that all textbooks checked out to my child have a barcode before receiving them. I understand that lost textbooks interfere with funding for my child’s classroom. 

    I have reviewed the Student Code of Conduct and the Student-Parent Handbook. I understand it is my responsibility to become familiar with this code and this handbook. I also understand that if either is modified or updated in anyway, I will receive a revised copy.