• During the 87th Texas Legislative Session, Senate Bill 1888 (SB 1888) was passed. The law amends Texas Education Code (TEC) §28.0253 and created the Texas First Early High School Completion Program. The legislation also established the Texas First Scholarship Program. 


    The purpose of the Texas First Early High School Completion Program is to promote efficiency in the state public education system and incentivize the enrollment of high performing students at eligible institutions within Texas. The Texas First Diploma Program allows eligible students to graduate one or two semesters early and earn a Texas First Diploma and students can receive a scholarship to attend participating Texas universities. 


    In order to graduate on the Texas First Diploma program, students must demonstrate college readiness in academics and attitude. The Texas First Diploma Program Overview outlines the eligibility requirements. Students who graduate early through the Texas First Early High School Completion Program are considered to have earned a diploma with a Distinguished Level of Achievement. 


    The Texas First Diploma does not guarantee automatic admission for students. A student should meet with their counselor for guidance on whether they qualify for automatic admission under the state’s top 10 percent law. Students will receive guidance on course options based on their career plans after graduation.


    If you have questions, please contact your campus counselor for more information.