• 9th Grade Center Dress Code

    Effective school year 2023-24.

  • Dear Spring ISD Parents/Guardians and Students: 

    We are pleased to share that, thanks to the collaborative voices of our parents and the Spring ISD community, we have a number of updates to our Code of Conduct for the 2023-2024 school year. These updates include enhanced rules and regulations surrounding a standardized dress code and ID badging measures in order to strengthen the security of our buildings and reduce disruptions to the learning environment. Below is a summary of some of the major updates included. To review the entire 2023-2024 Code of Conduct document, click here.

    ID Badges

    All students (all grade levels) will be required to wear a campus-provided photo ID badge, visible at all times while on campus for the school day or during after-school activities. Initial ID badges will be issued free of charge by the school with lanyards. If lost, students must purchase a new badge through their school office following the campus process and associated fee for replacement.

    NEW: Standardized Dress Code for 9th Grade Centers

    New dress code measures include a standardized dress code for all incoming freshmen at the district’s 9th Grade Centers. Specifics include:

    Polo-style Shirts:

    Only polo-style short or long sleeve shirts are permitted. Shirt Colors are representative of each High School 9th Grade Center. 

    • Westfield High School polos must be white, black, or red, and
    • Students are not allowed to wear hoodies or jackets that do not include a zipper. Hoodies and jackets must be unzipped upon entering the building. 
    • All polo school shirts must be solid in color, must not be oversized or too tight, and may not be sheer or see-through (undergarments should not be visible).

    T-Shirts (Spirit Attire):

    • 9th Grade Center HS issued school shirts may not be altered, cut, colored, written-on, rolled up or tied in any manner other than the original design of the shirt. 
    • School shirts may be worn modestly; cleavage may not be exposed. 
    • Oversized shirts are not permitted. 
    • School shirts may only be worn on Spirit Days designated and approved by the Principal or 9th Grade Center Associate (Spirit shirts include athletic shirts, band shirts, choir shirts, and club shirts).


    • Solid color (tan) khaki, navy blue, black casual pants with belt loops are required.
    • Only on Friday, School Spirit Day - jean pants may be worn with a Westifeld spirit shirt. Jeans must be without holes, rips, or frays. 
    • Sweatpants, pajama pants or suggestive pants are not permitted. Pants must be worn at the waist and must fit appropriately.


    • Shoes should provide adequate support and safety.
    • Flip-flops, horseshoes, slippers, steel toe boots, crocs and slides are not permitted.


    • No head gear of any kind is permitted, including bandanas, caps, beanies, hats, doo-rags (durags), crochet scarves, or hoods.
    • Hats should not be visible on campus.
    • Athletics sports headgear should be stored appropriately in a student's athletic locker.

    Backpacks and Bags:

    • Backpacks must be either mesh or clear.
    • Backpacks must be free from decorations, enhancements or writing that advertise, glorify or support lewd, offensive, vulgar, obscene or profane language or gestures, gangs, illegal activities, tobacco, sex, alcohol, illegal drugs or violence.
    • No athletic drawstring bags or backpacks are permitted on campus or in the classroom. Any drawstring bags or backpacks that are used for athletics must be stored in the student’s athletic locker.
    • Large purses are not permitted.

    Special Occasions:

    • Special occasions dress opportunities tied to behavior, academics, and school culture will be announced in advance.
    • Free/Spirit dress opportunities must adhere to the Spring ISD dress code guidelines.

    Please note that Alterations to the dress code are not permitted. The integrity of the dress code serves to enhance a positive, safe learning environment with minimal distractions from our academic pursuit of inquiry and knowledge. The SISD 9th Grade Center administration reserves the right to make final decisions or revisions concerning the dress code. Repeated infractions of the dress code policy will be deemed as defiant behavior and subject to strong disciplinary action by campus administration. If you have any specific questions, please contact your campus. The culture and safety of our students matters, and we truly appreciate your partnership and support!