• Main Campus Dress Code

  • Dress Code

    All students must adhere to the Spring ISD and Westfield campus dress code.  Please click the following links below for more details.


    - Spring ISD student handbook for dress code (p. 81-82). Click here to read dress code policy!

    - Samples of Approved Dress Code attire and Dress Code Violations.  Dress Code

    No Hoodies


    ID Badge  ID Badge Must Be Worn

    All students must wear their ID Badge at all times.  Students may purchase new ID's at their Assistant Principal's Office.


    Backpacks Purses


    Only Mesh Backpacks are allowed on campus.  Only small purses and handbags allowed.  Any backpacks, purses and handbags out of compliance will be confiscated and taken to an administrators office. Students will be able to pick up their items after school.

    Bag Policy


    Purse Policy  

    Click here for approved and violation samples!