• Frequently Asked Questions 

Documents/Credentials Required

  • What paperwork and documents are needed?

  • Are there any additional fees I may incur?

  • As a teacher/administrator, will I need to provide the District with official transcripts from all of the institutions attended? Must they be in a sealed envelope?

  • I have been recommended for an instructional paraprofessional position. Will I need to provide the District with official transcripts? Must they be in a sealed envelope?

  • I have previous teaching/paraprofessional experience in different a public/private school. What will Spring ISD need so that my salary reflects my experience?

  • I cannot locate my social security card. May I bring a copy?

  • May I attend a New Employee Orientation if I do not have all of my official documents?

Hiring Process

  • How long will it take to hear from Human Resources to schedule an appointment to sign my contract?

Name and Address Change Issues

  • Do I have to wait to schedule my New Hire Paperwork Session until I have the address where I will be residing for the school year?

  • I am getting married over the summer, can I use my married name for my file?

Benefits Information

  • When do my benefits begin?

  • Is there an enrollment deadline for the insurance plan?

  • I am interested in the District’s insurance plan. How do I get information?

Instructional Calendar and Teacher Orientation

  • When is my start date?

  • As a teacher, will I need to attend a new teacher orientation?

Salary/Payroll Information

  • What will my salary be?

  • How often will I get paid?

  • Will I be paid on a 9-month or 12-month basis?

  • Is direct deposit optional?

Computer Acces/E-mail

  • How can I access my e-mail from home?

Spring ISD Identification Badge

  • Where do I go to obtain my Spring ISD ID badge?