Key Imperatives to Drive Change

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    Preparing students for success in college, career and life should be the mission of every school district and every school – both here in the United States and abroad. Unfortunately, many students today – including students here at Spring ISD – are graduating from high school lacking some of the needed skills to compete in an evermore- complex global marketplace. Whereas in the past, content mastery and good problem-solving skills were the goals set for education systems, today the bar is much higher. Nowadays, to be truly college and career ready, students must be able to work collaboratively, use technology to problem solve and communicate, have an awareness of cultural differences, and demonstrate basic proficiency in a second language.

    This is indeed a high bar – a bar that only the most committed and innovative school districts can reach. As we started our strategic planning process, this was the bar that we set for ourselves. It was also the bar that our community expects us to reach. We know it will require hard work; but we also know that our students and the Spring community deserve the best.

    While the details of our five-year plan are complex, it has been organized around five straightforward key imperatives – designed to be true levers for the needed changes across the Spring Independent School District.

    Naturally, these strategic imperatives start with our students at the center of everything we do. Currently, Spring ISD serves more than 37,000 students. Like so many communities across Houston, the state of Texas and the nation, the diversity of our students and their families has grown exponentially over the last two decades. Today, 40 different languages are spoken at homes across the district and more than one out of every ten students receives bilingual education support in our schools. While diversity can challenge many education systems, EVERY CHILD 2020 is designed to value the diversity found here in Spring and leverage it as a competitive advantage for our students who will live – and compete – in a global society.

    As you’ll see, each key imperative is supported by strong commitments from the district – goals that we will work toward, communicating progress frequently and with transparency.

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