Canine Division

  • Officer David Fuente and K-9 Paco
    Officer David Fuente and K-9 Paco

    The Canine Officer is a commissioned police officer assigned to the Spring Independent School District Police Department, Patrol Division. This officer is responsible for handling law enforcement and police related matters at the district facilities as outlined in the Texas Penal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, District Board Policy, Canine Officer Guidelines, Department Policy and Procedures and as directed by the Chief of Police.

    The Canine Officer is responsible for providing but is not limited to maintaining a fully operational Canine Unit to support patrol and campus operations within the Spring Independent School District, working cooperatively with school administration, staff, faculty, students, as well as surrounding law enforcement agencies to maintain a safe and secure enviroment.


    Thank You

    The Canine Division thanks Suburbia North Animal Hospital and the students and staff of the Pet Clinic at Carl Wunsche Sr. High School for their continued support and care.

    Officer Fuente, K-9 Paco and Suburbia North Animal Hospital staff
    Officer Fuente and K-9 Paco with the staff of Suburbia North Animal Hospital

    K-9 Emmy with students at the Wunsche Pet Clinic
    K-9 Emmy with students at the Wunsche Pet Clinic

  • Detective Emmy

    Detective Emmy began in 2006 as a narcotic detector dog who received her certification at Little Rock Academy in Arkansas. Detective Emmy was retired in 2016. Emmy’s favorite assignment were demonstrations and playing with her toy.

Barkley II
  • Barkley II

    Detective Barkley II served the district from 2002 to 2006. He returned to his home of training in Little Rock, Ark. at which he was then replaced by Emmy from the same training supplier.

  • Barkley

    The first Detective Barkley served the district from 1993 to 2001. He retired and was adopted by a local family. In early 2003, he was given to Suburbia Animal Hospital where he served as the "lobby greeter" until he passed away in the fall of 2003.