• Citizen Complaint Form


    It is the policy of the Spring ISD Police Department to fully investigate any legitimate complaint against any member of this department.

    A "complaint" is an act of expressed dissatisfaction which relates to department operations, policies, and procedures, or an employee's personal conduct or unlawful acts. A disagreement over the validity of a traffic or parking citation is not grounds for the initiation of a personal complaint. Those matters are for adjudication by the proper court system.

    Attached is a Citizen Complaint Form. Please fill out the form completely and legibly. The form must be filled out by the individual directly impacted by the actions of the department employee and not a secondary party. After completing the form, you may request to speak to an on-duty Supervisor.

    If the on-duty Supervisor cannot resolve your complaint, it will be forwarded to the appropriate department official for review and/or investigation. Please realize that to assure a thorough review/investigation of your complaint, it may become necessary for you to be contacted and/or meet with the representatives of this department for discussing this complaint in detail.

    You have the option to submit your form to any available supervisor in person at the Spring ISD Police Department. Or, you may also submit your form directly to the Chief of Police; phone number 281-891-6902. Lastly, you may refer your complaint to the Spring ISD, Legal Services located at 16717 Ella Blvd., Houston, TX 77090. Phone 281-891-6370, Fax 281-891-6371.