Your Public School Tax Bill

  • On behalf of over 34,225 students of the Spring Independent School District, we thank you, as a taxpayer, for your assistance in helping Spring ISD achieve its mission of providing an excellent education for all of our children in a safe and secure environment.

    The amount of school taxes that you will contribute toward that mission, either directly to Spring ISD or through your mortgage company, is based on two factors. One is the tax rate adopted by the Spring ISD Board of Trustees. The other is the value placed on your property by the Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD).

    For 2023-24 the Board of Trustees has adopted a tax rate of $1.1092 per $100 of assessed value.

    The Board of Trustees has no authority over the value placed on your property by HCAD. Spring ISD continues to grant the state-required $100,000 homestead exemption for all homeowners who apply to the appraisal district for that exemption.

    Homeowners who are disabled or 65 or older are entitled by state law to an additional $10,000 exemption. Spring ISD provides homeowners who are 65 or older an additional $20,000 exemption above the state-required exemptions. Homeowners who qualify for the over-65 or disabled exemption also have their taxes “frozen” so that they do not pay additional taxes when tax rates increase or their property value increases unless the value increase is due to improvements to the property.

    We thank you for your continued support of Spring ISD and for the benefits that support provides our students, staff, and school community.

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