260-day officers
197-day officers
  • The District Police Officer is responsible for handling law enforcement and police-related matters at district facilities as outlined in the Texas Penal Code, Code of Criminal procedures, District’s Board Policy, Management Guidelines, Departmental Rules and Regulations, and as directed by the Chief of Police. The District Police Officer is responsible for working cooperatively with the school administration, students, staff members, other district police officers, and officers from all law enforcement agencies to maintain positive campus security and a safe and secure campus environment. All employees of Spring ISD are expected to act with integrity, support organizational goals, communicate in a clear and respectful manner, champion the needs of our students, and drive continuous improvement. 


    • High School Diploma or GED
    • Texas Peace Officer License issued by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE)
    • Valid Texas driver’s license


    • General knowledge of criminal investigations, police report writing, and criminal laws
    • Ability to exercise good judgment under potentially dangerous conditions
    • Training and ability to subdue offenders, including the use of firearms and handcuffs
    • Bonded as required by Texas Education Code §37.081
    • Ability to pass required physical, psychological, and drug tests
    • Ability to work well with youths and adults
    • All officers are required to work all human-induced or natural disasters impacting the school district at the direction of the Chief of Police


    • Patrol the district and provide police services to individual facilities, students, and staff.
    • Operate a district vehicle and patrol school property or an assigned area to deter criminal offenses such as fire, burglary, theft, vandalism, and other unauthorized activities.
    • Perform routine daily patrol car servicing (gas, oil, tires, etc.) to ensure a properly functioning vehicle.
    • Investigate criminal offenses that occur within the district’s jurisdiction or against the district.
    • Enforce regulations for and on district school buses.
    • Investigate suspicious persons in and around schools.
    • Report the misuse of buildings and property belonging to the district.
    • Enforce all the general and criminal laws of Texas within the district’s jurisdiction.
    • Provide police services and assistance to the administration, other officers, students, and staff.
    • Assist the traffic control on streets, at athletic events, school closings, school openings, or any other location deemed necessary to ensure the safety and welfare of students and staff.
    • Control and/or prevent fights and disorders when they occur inside or outside the building.
    • Assist school staff in emergency situations, inside the building when notified.
    • Prepare a written report of each incident or relevant observation that occurs on campus.
    • Provide courtesy services as requested (keys locked in vehicle, dead batteries, no start, etc.).
    • Provide police services at District-sponsored events, on or off-campus.
    • Establish a positive working relationship among students, staff, and the community.
    • Be available to work overtime as assigned by the Chief of Police.

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